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Hope, Healing, and Heartfelt Praise
A Collection of Poetry
by Beverly R. Mills
(Sept 2011)

Hope, Healing, and Heartfelt Praise, A Collection of Poetry by Beverly R. Mills is an honor to read. Beverly writes
with much depth and substance that is possible because of the wealth of experience garnered from the situations
she has encountered in life. Her work has much to offer as the reader can identify with the writer in the triumphs
and pain. You will laugh or cry as you walk through the pages of this great collection. Her candid and heart-
warming style is refreshing and her book is a must read for everyone.
-Mrs. Sandra Cato, Jamaica.

...It is wonderful that those whom have yet to meet Beverly R. Mills personally will have an opportunity to meet her
through this book of inspiring words. Beverly manifests the fruit of the Spirit through her smile, words of life, and the
gentleness that emanates from her personality. Through this work, the hearts of many will be challenged and
encouraged in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
-Pastor C. O. Patterson, London, U.K.

...This is a beautifully inspiring book of poetry, which Beverly has written with much enthusiasm and heartfelt joy.
The collection covers a range of familiar occasions and spiritual themes. A special favourite is "Love is the Key," as
this is a reminder of how we should be living our lives not only to be happy and good people, but to honour our Lord
and Saviour in all we do.
-Joanne Clarke, U.K.

•        Paperback: 84 pages
•        ISBN: 978-0-9799837-7-1   

Copyright © 2011 by Beverly Mills
All Rights Reserved.

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