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For Love Comes Tragic and Painful
by Laura Doucet
(February 2012)

Everyone has them.

When I was fifteen, I mistakenly called my mother a (B); it was an honest mistake. I thought it was a prank caller on
the phone because after receiving several phone calls, no one was saying anything on the line. The next time the
phone rang, I hollered, “B!” I was devastated to find my mother’s voice on the other line. She had been experiencing
problems with the pay phone from which she was calling, and I was unable to hear well. I hollered, “Bitch!” and
hung up the phone. We were disconnected. It was the first time my mother had ever heard me curse. But it would
not be the first time I felt disconnected from my mom. When she got home and told me it was her on the phone, I
remember thinking I will never do that again. I will never let my mom down. But I did. I let my whole family down.

I couldn’t stand the thought of living in hell twice, first here and then later, so after three failed attempts at suicide, I
decided the cemetery was my favorite place to live. I often visited there and stayed for hours. It was where the
people who loved me the most were. Dad, Grandma Bee, Grandma Amy, Aunt Lynn, Uncle John A, and my
beautiful baby girl whose name they didn’t even care to tell me – they were all there it seemed – just waiting for me.
I became like the man in the bible in Mark 5:5 who lived among the tombs. Night and day, I was crying and cutting
myself with stones.  

Because of me, now my dad was dead and gone. Herein lies the story of my stones.
-Author, Laura Doucet

Laura shares her lessons learned and the love of Christ at conferences, meetings, business
functions, community events and wherever relationship addiction, domestic violence, unhealthy
marriage, and abuse are prevalent.

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