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Winning in Your Toughest Season
Merle Ray
(June 2011)

MEANTIME IS A MOTHER! They don’t call it “mean” time for nothing. Meantime is the period of time between
directives and destiny, promise and fulfillment, contract and deliverables! For people offended by my title, let’s just
say meantime is “Transition.” Dr. Lance Wallnau, a Christian leadership and change agent, defines transition as,
“When I’m going through hell, but I think God is in it” (Wallnau, The 7 Mountain Mandate, Vol 1, 2, 3). Herein lies the
secret of getting through mean times. When you’re going through hell, you can’t help but wonder whether or not
God is in it.

But why the title, Kings in the Meantime? Today, we’ve got Kings of Comedy, Kings of Business/Industry, Kings of
Pop, etc. If you’re into church, you may see the TV evangelists as kings, and you hear the term, “kings, priests, and
prophets” often. Kings, as Wallnau, Hillman, Garfield, Eberle, and other change agents define them, are the
majority of the Body of Christ who are not called to work full-time in the church. Kings, in my opinion, are the rest of
us who are still trying to experience the “promised land.”

We are leaders on our jobs, leaders in our businesses, or we are aspiring to become leaders. We want to realize
our dreams: have them, touch them, and watch them grow to become realities in this present world. No longer do
we want to watch as others pursue their dreams, sometimes at our expense, while we silently wish for
experienced leaders as fathers to help us achieve ours. Although we have many teachers, we do not have many
fathers in the faith (1 Corinthians 4:14-16). But God knows and He sees. If He can raise up an Egyptian Pharaoh to
father a Hebrew boy called Moses, surely He can raise up spiritual fathers to this generation. Do not despair; you
are still Kings in the meantime.

Merle Ray, Author

Merle shares her business and ministry lessons learned at conferences, meetings, business
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