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Worldview Wisdom for Women
Merle Ray
(June 2005)

Inspired by the writings of Kay Arthur, Ray uses the character of God at Creation to teach women the joys of rising
above compromise and desperation in our culture.  Speaking to issues of today’s “global” woman, Spiritual
Identity, the first in her Brides of Virtue Series, shows women how to bear everything naked before God in order to
discover truth. Revealing many of her own dramatic stories in search of truth, Ray provides women everywhere tips
and tools for exiting the dramas & traumas of culture-driven womanhood. “God wants you to know,” says Ray,
“There’s too much devastation in holding your breath waiting for your mind, body, & soul to exhale – wanting to be
fulfilled. It’s time to get yours!”

But in a society where sin is hot, and sacred sex is not, how does one do that? How does a woman find fulfillment
in God when there’s nothing sexy about God, or is there? This book isn’t written to make women and girls go to
church. In this author’s story, the churches she experienced were already over 60% filled by women perceived to be
bored, unfulfilled, indifferent, or with undesirable attitudes. “Let’s face it,” says Ray. “That’s just not sexy.”

God’s woman, like God’s true church is exciting, approachable, desirable, and fulfilled. This book isn’t written to
make women stay away from that. It’s written that all women might be that––not a building made with hands but a
powerhouse of a woman made by God. “Recovering Your Spiritual Identity” is sure to make women (and men too)
laugh, cry, and fall in love with God all over again.  

Merle shares her business and ministry lessons learned at conferences, meetings, business
functions, community events and wherever business and society issues are at the forefront of
people's minds.

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•        Paperback: 232 pages
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