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Notes on Souza's
The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul by
Katie Souza
(June 2010)

Broke busted and disgusted - that is what brought me to pick up Katie Souza’s message, The Glory Light of Jesus
Heals the Soul. I was so broke, I couldn’t buy the CDs. It felt pitiful! Are you tired of hearing all the wonderful things
about the Kingdom of God and not being able to experience them here on earth? So was I.

For years, I had been given prophecy after prophecy about running a successful business and ministry. But in
actuality what I had experienced far from that. I was now divorced, unemployed, facing foreclosure and bankruptcy –
none of that was prophesied over me. I’d sown a ton of seed offerings into the people of God. Everything I touched
for others was helping them in their businesses and ministries. They received accolades and awards for my work,
but I was still struggling. Finally, after seven years of sowing seed, I was ready to give it up. I’d had it with things that
didn’t work – with business, church, marriage, and life in general. It all seemed like a cruel joke – to be so close to
all this beautiful Word from God, and see nothing around me lining up like it said.

That is when a friend gave me The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul by Katie Souza. It literally transformed my
life and spoke volumes into me. It’s the biggest revelation I’ve received since being filled with The Holy Spirit. I had
an experience with God everyday, and wanted to experience Him all over again. I hope that you too will:

  1. Uncover what’s holding up the blessings that you have been waiting for your whole life.
  2. Apply new techniques and missing keys revealed in Scripture to prosper your soul.
  3. Change losses and failures to wins by applying The Glory Light of Jesus Christ to physical, spiritual, and
    financial wounds and hurts.
  4. Win by Faith, Application, Strategy, & Transformation!

This teaching is only available with the original CD series of The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your
Soul by Katie Souza. We will order the series for you and send our workbook to you with it.  

If you already have the CD series, you may order the workbook only by clicking here:

If you already have the workbook, you may order the CD series only directly from Katie Souza's
www.ExpectedEndMinistries.com or click here.

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