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Date:December 9, 2023

All The Tools You Need To Improve


Unlock your potential, reduce the stress of hope deferred, and achieve your next level by partnering with professional consultant, strategist, & publisher, Dr. Merle Ray, in “ELEVATION™” accelerated strategies to increase your fulfillment and effectiveness across four domains: personal, social, professional, and spiritual.


Through your extraordinary gift of creativity and your ability to initiate and manage change, you’ll discover how to enhance your personal life and relationships; tune-up your professional career and business goals; discover and uncover the ‘WHO,’ ‘WHAT,’ and ‘HOW’ factors that affect your personal fulfillment levels and learn to unleash and unlock your potential.


Work with experienced leader, Dr. Merle Ray to achieve greater results in your life, organization, and your calling by identifying, increasing and/or expanding on your brand, core competencies, goals, objectives, approach and technique, private or public platform, and key metrics that impact your levels of fulfillment, and thus your path to destiny.


About This Experience

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Learn the secrets of fulfilled people and create the life you’ve always wanted in back-to-back transformation experiences on Destiny Change Management created for the “Power ‘Preneur.” Designed to rapidly target and focus on results for personal, professional, and spiritual growth combined, Destiny Change Management© is a phrase coined by Dr. Merle Ray from over 20 years of her experiences working with individuals in industry, ministry, and businesses who wish to take themselves to their next level. A series of one-on-one interactions with Dr. Merle, the Destiny Change Management© experience is designed for the serious-minded professional. In these work sessions, we will develop your own experience from start to finish as you identify and customize your levers and settings for brilliance around various focuses and topics that are important to you across four domains:

  • Personal success,
  • Social success,
  • Professional or business success,
  • And Spiritual success.

You will learn

What are the key factors, levers, indicators currently impacting your brilliance

Better execution of your personal brilliance goals

Better execution of your social brilliance goals

Better execution of your professional brilliance goals

Better execution of your spiritual brilliance goals

How to calibrate and set your fulfillment levers

How to master your brilliance across these four domains using your primary drivers

Fulfilled or Fledging?

As an experienced corporate director and consultant of over 20 years now, I get to meet many wonderful working employees and entrepreneurs who unfortunately spend their hard-earned money on people posing as consultants, coaches, and strategists. When the client does not achieve or produce the results needed in their business or personal lives is usually when people seek my help. As a Certified Senior Professional in the fields of Organizational Change Management, Human Capital Management, and Public Management, I have led, consulted, trained, mentored, and performed many transformation initiatives, navigating people just like you and organizations just like yours through successful individual and organizational change, including personal development, career development, business growth, and spiritual growth initiatives, as well as leadership, technology, and organizational culture transformation. My entire suite of services and expertise ranges from personal development to strategic planning, branding and business development, sales and marketing, ministry and community-based non-profits, publishing and eBusiness.

In short, I help you to discover, design, develop, and enhance the life you want to live across every aspect of personal, professional, business, and spiritual goals. By providing you the space to explore your brilliance and work through solutions to your personal vision, ministry, career or business challenges, I take a best-practices approach to change management which not only assists you with managing change, but also with experiencing transformation leading to your desired goals and destiny. Large firms, medium-sized organizations, and small businesses also find my services attractive because they rely on me for problem-solving, leadership, guidance, organizational change management, and innovative ideas which are then translated into implementation goals, program development, marketing and website development, book publishing, business consulting, online course development, training, human performance improvement, and key industry metrics.

The bottom-line:


Why waste time and energy with firms that are not accountable, or individuals who have never actually delivered professional level services and results? At the foundation of everything I do is undeniable faith that motivates and moves me to perform at my very best for each and everyone of my clients. YOU should experience what that is like working with me as your “Power ‘Preneur” – a born and gifted leader, strategist, and game-changer for you, your organization, and your life.


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