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Are You:
  • Interested in living life on purpose?
  • Working with a tight budget?


Do you have questions about:
  • Business or ministry development?
  • Website development?
  • Marketing?
  • Copy and social media?
  • Book writing, publishing, printing, and distribution?
  • Branding platforms, courses, curricula online?
  • Coaching or consulting?


Get ahead.


In this monthly service, I offer clients several ways to ask questions and get my ongoing support.

My clients say that I have helped them:

  • Do the work required towards their destiny
  • Publish their books beautifully and successfully with over 70 others published
  • Deploy innovative ideas and proven strategies for business
  • Breakthrough to their brilliance and get unstuck



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After our first discovery session has been scheduled and completed, you will receive an enrollment package via email for additional information or data that is needed, should we mutually decide that we are a good fit to continue working together. When you schedule your first meeting and provide an upfront payment of $249 enrollment fee, you will receive information on how you can access me to schedule your first session. When you click below to sign up, you are selecting a Monthly Retainer Service which means you will pay a monthly recurring service fee of $489 per month to have access to contact me and receive up to one-hour of live assistance in discovery, designing a strategy, coaching, consulting, or Q & A each month on a particular topic or any initiative that you want to explore further with a coach or strategist. Our first meeting is usually a couple of hours in order to establish what it is that you want to explore and whether or not we are a good fit to work together on your desired initiative. We will also discuss the different methods or ways (i.e. coaching, consulting, training, mentoring, discipling, etc.) in which we may decide to work together – all in an effort to achieve your desired goals for reaching out to me and my business for assistance. None of what I offer at any time is to be construed as financial advice, legal advice, therapy or health-medical advice, psychological or physiological advice. I am not an accountant, attorney, mental health support, medical/health care provider, or any other type of clinical or other professional discipline. There are no refunds for our time spent together in any of our meetings that have already been paid or already booked on my schedule. However, after completing any of our scheduled meetings, if you feel that my services do not meet your expectations or needs, you are free to cancel the service at any time and no further payments will be warranted or deducted from your account.

Our ongoing communication may be made via email, text, phone or online video conference meetings. If you do not keep your monthly service active by paying your monthly subscription by the due date, service is automatically cancelled and your status is considered inactive.

All fees and services paid are non-refundable. Prices and service features on my website and marketing materials, emails, books, etc. are subject to change at any time without notice. Any products such as written materials, books, business products, marketing products, printed or non-printed materials, technology work products, etc. are sold separately outside of our coaching or consulting service fees.




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