At what point did you think God forgot about you?

Written by on June 22, 2021


Chapter 10 God’s Got This

Workbook – Pondering Questions

Textbook: Created2Produce – Your Turning Point to Destiny by By Dr. Cassandra Scott

Please read the Chapter first and then answer the questions. Post your answers below by the requested due date. Feel free to reply to comments posted by your BYB co-partners and share your thoughts.


  • At what point did you think God forgot about you?


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  1. Rose ALLEN-OUTEN   On   December 14, 2021 at 3:47 pm

    At what point I thought God forgot about me was when the Army was trying to medically board me out of the military when I had only 2 years to retire before 20 years. It was a test of faith walk for me and God did it.

  2. Patricia Grimes Jones   On   August 30, 2021 at 10:19 pm

    At what point did you think God forgot about you?
    “Well, oh my where do I start because all that was happening unto me I didn’t think or believe that there was a God?” So much was happening unto me to the point I was like what is the point and where is this God that I would hear my Mother talk about but wasn’t living it. I didn’t see God in my mother until four years of me being saved by the Holy Spirit sparing my life from a drunk driver that hit the church van that I and eight others were being transported home on, the night that Jesus came and saved me from the horrible pit of a lifestyle that I was living. My eyes were open unto the spirit of God and his powerful hand. “At this point as a child growing up from the age of 6-9, I was brutally raped and molested by a man that was employed by the devil himself. “Now at point, I was about eighteen when I conceived my firstborn who I taught was the cure unto my pain but boy how wrong was I to the point that I had no words or self-esteem about myself. now at this particular part of this story is I had no dad to protect me and make me feel safe. But as I look back on my life I can see that my heavenly father was always there fighting for me but I just couldn’t feel are see him at the time, because I was spiritually blinded and spiritually dead in the natural sense. “But when I let go and let God OMG. what and Father to have to fight for me now at no better time than this.

  3. Lisa Weatherspoon   On   August 10, 2021 at 9:26 pm

    Oh Lord, where do I start. I have felt that God forgot about me many of times. Like when I was in the military and did most of the work (and I do mean ALOT of the work), doing what I knew to do to get promoted but never got the promotion. When I taught the young women of the church ages 18-35 in the ways of God, as the Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC) President for a whole season and most of them today are married and I’m not. Feeling like a failure after having my first and only son, training him in the way he should go and what it appears to me, turns his back on God and go and do the opposite of what he was taught. After aways giving, and giving; paying my tithes, giving offers, helping others financially, I end up in a financial struggle. Still today, at age 56, still not married, I have a tendency to think that God has forgotten about me at times.

    • Dr. Merle Ray   On   August 11, 2021 at 5:06 am

      Lisa, whew – boy can I relate! I am so grateful that His grace and mercy transforms! Have you seen the GOD who sees you? Jehovah El Roi is His Name! Breakthrough comes when we see the GOD who sees us…I have a feeling that you are going to see HIM like never before! Right now in this season, transformation is taking place even as we speak! Who are you seeing these days? He’s asking. How have YOU seen the GOD who SEES YOU? He’s asking you out on a date, Lisa! When you go out with Him, do like you do when we meet somebody special. Come back and tell us about it. I want to hear all the juicy details. Here’s a girlfriend tip. When you are getting ready for your date with HIM, close the door, get rid of all the noise around you that you can. Do whatever you need to do to let yourself relax, meditate, soak in these words to this song. It’s just one of the many many that help usher me in to His Presence so I can see the One who SEES me. Click here

  4. Victoria Caldwell   On   August 8, 2021 at 8:19 pm

    I have felt as though God forgot about me at times when I don’t keep my eyes on him. I’m in a place that I’ve never been. Just as God sent Abraham away from his father’s house, I am away from my
    family, friends, and where I’ve lived all of my life to be where God has led me to be for his purpose. It gets
    lonely and I have to keep God’s word pouring into my heart and stay in prayer so I won’t get discouraged.

  5. Tera Alexander   On   August 8, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    Thihnking GOD forgot about me because I am not in a place of employment or line of work I truly enjoy doing. I sometimes think now because the push seems so great to move forward since I loss my mom here physicalliy in the Flesh. She is with me spiritually but so different.

  6. Carmen Hebert   On   August 8, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    At what point did you think God forgot about you?

    I thought that God had forgotten about me in my last marriage. I went through, what I considered, pure hell. I had never experienced things from a person that I experienced with my former husband. It was as if he was blatantly doing things to hurt me. No matter what I said or didn’t say, what I did or did not do, made no difference. He did exactly as he pleased; and I mean it was the most. The hardest thing to deal with was that he would go on as if he had not done anything.

    It’s funny, we just had this conversation yesterday (8/7/21) and today (8/8/21) the he did not know how to be a husband because all he had to compare it to was his own upbringing and what kind of husband his daddy was. And his daddy had no idea how to be a husband; he just had a wife that did not complain; therefore it appeared that all was well.

    Looking back on the entire situation (2012 to the very recent future) I came to realize that in alll of that “hell” that God was doing a work in both of us and the I was not forgotten about at all. In what I perceived to be the worst time in my life, the spotlight was on me to become what God planned for me to become.

  7. Lola Norris   On   August 8, 2021 at 3:44 pm

    I’ve never thought God forgot about me, I’ve always known how much he love and care for me. I was just so cloudy mentally that I couldn’t hear the heart of God, I was selfish, thinking about my pains and not his plans for my pain.

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