How did the enemy work against you as a child?

Written by on June 22, 2021


Chapter 12 I Want My Daddy

Workbook – Pondering Questions

Textbook: Created2Produce – Your Turning Point to Destiny by By Dr. Cassandra Scott

Please read the Chapter first and then answer the questions. Post your answers below by the requested due date. Feel free to reply to comments posted by your BYB co-partners and share your thoughts.


  • How did the enemy work against you as a child?


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  1. Rose ALLEN-OUTEN   On   December 14, 2021 at 4:36 pm

    When my cousins would come home to visit from the city up north. I always felt that they had more and were better than me. Also in the south if anyone had lighter skin they thought they were better than darker skin tone people.

  2. Patricia Grimes Jones   On   August 30, 2021 at 11:34 pm

    How did the enemy work against you as a child?
    Well, the enemy worked against me because I had no protection and a mother who I believed was taught wrong as to how a parent is to protect their children. My stepfather tried make us believe that nobody was going to listen to us but I’m here to tell you that the devil is a liar. “This is why I tried to tell my mother and for to know that we could get some help if we asked for it. And with that being said I always had the enemy working against what I believed and trust a God which I didn’t know was hearing my cry and had come unto my rescure. Which made the enemy keep me in a state of ignorance, and confusion.

  3. Tera Alexander   On   August 27, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    As a child the enemy made me feel like I had to always please people or be up to a certain standard. Being the baby of my parents children we attended the same schools so all I heard was this is such and such little sister or the daughter of. My dad and the school principal and counselor was very good friends. I felt like I could never really be the real me and really sometimes I don’t know if she is. I am on my way though and I thank GOD.
    2. The enemy made me not develop a relationship with my sister instead he made her jealous of me and treat me not so nice.
    3. The enemy lured me to have sex before marriage after being molestated; which in turn made me put up a shell and find comfort in food.
    4. Confidence in fullfilling my dreams and desires.
    5. The enemy made me sometimes feel that I was worthless, fat when peple would make fun of me.

  4. Victoria Caldwell   On   August 20, 2021 at 4:44 pm

    My foundational family consisted of my mother and my three sisters. We lived together and my biological father visited often. After my mother passed, this was my first experience of a breakdown in my family. The next breakdown was being stripped from my grandmother on the day I learned my mother passed. The next attempt by the enemy was being adopted into my sister’s paternal family I felt lost and unattached.

  5. Lola Norris   On   August 16, 2021 at 7:27 pm

    The enmey, made me feel like I had to aways prove to people who I am as a person.

    The Enmey wanted me to learn how to hate, I remember on one of our visits to my dad, one of the kids across the streets, wanted to fight me, didn’t fight you had to really just push me, so everybody called me scary, I wasn’t scary I just didn’t want to fight, SO I came back to my granny’s porch (my dad’s mom) and I set in the set angry and I said I wish I could hate,my granny pushed her side door open and said,Lue Jean I better not ever hear you say that again God gave you the heart you have,now get in this.
    From that point on I’ve never said those word ever, I have never thought those word in that way.

    One day my eldest brother told me as a kid stop trying to by ppls love or friendship and now I see what he was saying, I would always try to buy things for my cousin when I would come to Palestine, let my tell you I was fighting made when my brother told me that, I was just sharing, but, my brother saw that they didn’t treat me the same way.

    I felt rejected by my grandmother, I never understood that until actually today, I’ve heard hurt ppl, hurt ppl, she was broken from the abuse of my papa which us kids never saw it but I’ve heard stories from my mom and aunts.

    I gave up my virginity as a child.

  6. Lisa Weatherspoon   On   August 15, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    The enemy worked against me by taking my voice. As a child, I didn’t know how to express what and how I was feeling. I always thought I loved my little sister and it was my duty to protect her because I was supposed to as the older sister. I didn’t know what jealous was and didn’t know that perhaps that’s what I was feeling as a child. The enemy also made me feel a lot like Dr. Scott in her book, not good enough, not pretty enough, not fine enough, so I just did what I did best; smile, laughed, and made jokes. That seemed to be the only way people saw me as funny, always smiling.

  7. Carmen Hebert   On   August 15, 2021 at 10:51 am

    How did the enemy work against you as a child?

    The fact that I was not guided to change the lifestyle that I had been born into, other than going to church, I lived a pretty riotous life. I was not told what to do and what not to do; in detail. I was just told, “Don’t have sex before marriage.”. I had no idea why. I was a mother when I first heard the word fornication sitting in Mission with my mother and the other Mission Sisters. I pronounced it fornification for many years afterwards.

    My parents were the ones that I was the closest to as an adult. I was promiscuous; fornication and adultery, I spent money as soon as I had it available, was never told how to manage money, save money, balance a banking account, treat a man, be a lady/wife (virtuous).

    The enemy keep me in a state of ignorance, not wanting my eyes to be open to biblical wisdom and truth; knowing that my life would drastically change and he would no longer have a foothold on me.

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